Psi Abilities


The Arcanorum will be conducting some very basic tests of psychic ability at a location in Nashua, NH.  This is private, un-funded research, conducted by the Webmaster of The Arcanorum.  Details will be forthcoming, but in essence, we will be attempting to replicate some of the classic experiments in parapsychology, often with small twists to test different factors.  If you are interested in becoming a test subject, please use the contact form.  Because we are not funded, we cannot offer any compensation other than the satisfaction that you are helping further the cause of science.  Tests will be conducted over a period of time and will require about an hour of your time, probably 1-3 times a week.  The tests may measure such abilities as telepathy, precognition, micro-psychokinesis, and similar abilities.  No previous experience or training is necessary.

If you are interested, please use the contact form.

We are capable of investigating various claims of “psi” abilities, including Remote Viewing, ESP, micro- and macro-psychokinesis, among others. We will set up a strict laboratory protocol to the best of our budget and record detailed findings. Please use the “Contact” page to ask for an investigation.

For any investigation, we will ask that the person being studied wear comfortable, loose, short sleeved clothing and removes all jewelery.  Ideally, you will be wearing comfortable pants, a t-shirt, and shoes which you can easily remove.  Please refrain from the use of any cologne or perfume for these experiments.

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