Professional Standards

The Arcanorum, though a very loosely knit organization maintains a strict level of professional standards when interacting with the public.  Most members will not need to adhere to these as they will not be representing the Arcanorum to the public.  For those of us who do, please note the following:

  1. Personal Appearance
    1. All Arcanorum members shall dress in clean and neat clothing appropriate to the environment in which they appear.
    2. When appearing to the Public: If the member does not have an official Arcanorum dress shirt, they will wear a clean, solid color, conservative, button down shirt or blouse with a collar, black or brown shoes or boots, and a khaki, black, or navy blue trousers or skirt.  Outer garments shall be appropriate to the conditions and present a plain, conservative look.
    3. When performing an investigation: If the member does not have an official Arcanorum polo shirt, they will wear a clean, solid color, conservative polo shirt without logo, long trousers, jeans, or skirt.  Solid color BDU or similar cargo pants are encouraged.  Shoes or boots should have a non-slip sole.  Hiking boots or military style combat boots are encouraged.  Trousers shall not be “bloused” over the boots but may be tucked in when on outdoor investigations.  Outer garments shall be appropriate to the conditions and present a plain, conservative look.
  2. Professional Attitude and Comportment
    1. Members shall, at all times, when appearing as members of The Arcanorum, present a professional attitude which reflects positively on the organization.
    2. Members shall never speak ill nor disparage fellow members of The Arcanorum, other researchers, nor clients.  Rather than say anything bad about anyone, members are to present “no opinion” withhold comments on those topics.
    3. Members will, at all times, act in a manner which will reflect positively on themselves and The Arcanorum.
  3. Statements of Fact and Opinion
    1. Arcanorum members shall make a clear distinction when they present opinion.
    2. When presenting opinion, members shall make it clear who’s opinion it is and where possible, what facts or other evidence led to this opinion.
  4. Privacy and Security
    1. The Arcanorum and its members shall respect the privacy and security of themselves, each other, fellow researchers, our clients, and the general public.
    2. When physical security is in imminent danger, local emergency services are to be immediately notified.  All investigations of that immediate area shall be suspended pending restoration of the physical safety of all concerned.
    3. Arcanorum members shall take all necessary precautions to ensure their actions (or inaction) do not compromise the safety and security of any involved in an investigation, including themselves.
    4. Identifying information of clients shall not be released without that client’s explicit permission regarding which information shall be released, how, when, and to whom.
    5. When clients are anonymous, they shall be referred to by a unique contact ID number.
    6. When locations are to be anonymized, latitude and longitude shall be rounded to the nearest 15 minutes of latitude and longitude.
    7. Anonymous cases shall be referenced in public by their case ID number.
  5. Record Keeping and Evidence Reporting
    1. Each member shall carefully note when, where, how, and by whom each item of evidence is collected.
    2. Each evidence item shall be assigned a unique ID number.
    3. Each member shall take care to not compromise evidence in any way.
    4. Evidence shall be preserved as much as is practicable, for an appropriate amount of time.
    5. Disposal or final disposition of original evidence shall be noted in the case notes.
    6. During research and investigation, each participating Arcanorum member shall maintain a physical, written note book to log all activity in as much detail ad practicable.
    7. When practical, audio and/or video surveillance of investigations shall be continuous and from multiple sources.
  6. Investigative Procedures
    • During investigations The Arcanorum shall follow and adhere to a set of professional procedures:
      1. Pre-Investigation: Before the investigation commences, The Arcanorum shall seek as much information on the purported phenomena as practical.  At a minimum, interviews shall be conducted (and recorded) with the person or people requesting the investigation and a basic internet search conducted to learn of reports and investigations already published.  Basic information on the site including location, access, on-site contacts, emergency contacts, etc. should be distributed to each investigator.
      2. Permission must be obtained before investigation can commence.
      3. Each investigation shall be planned out in advance as to the time to be spent (both when and for how long) and the number of investigators and any local contact shall be in consensus with this plan.
      4. As much as possible, at least one audio recording shall be made of the entire investigation.  Multiple video recordings with sound are preferable.  POV cameras for each investigator plus several statically placed cameras would be ideal.
      5. Investigators shall work in teams of two or more to tour the area to be investigated at regular intervals, stopping when appropriate for closer examination.
      6. Each investigator shall be equipped with a working and reliable flashlight, walkie-talkie, cell phone, note pad, writing implements (2), and appropriate clothing for the environment.  Fresh batteries shall be used when possible and rechargeable batteries shall be freshly charged.  For cell phones, spare battery packs are highly recommended, especially if they are used as part of the investigation.
      7. Post-Investigation: All investigators shall be responsible for the proper handling of all evidence they collect and communally for all other evidence.  All evidence shall be tagged with a unique ID number and properly stored.  Where possible, it shall be made available electronically, uploaded to a common location and linked to and from the case file.  A custom database such as ParaDB is recommended.
      8. Evidence Review: A review of all the evidence shall be conducted.  Each investigator shall review their own evidence and that evidence shall be also reviewed by at least one other Arcanorum member.  This information shall be noted in the case file.  All anomalies shall be marked and analysed as appropriate.
      9. Case Review: When all evidence has been appropriately reviewed, all the original investigators and evidence review personnel shall gather to review the case.  They shall issue a report of their findings and present said report to both the Arcanorum archive and to the original client requesting the investigation.  When allowed, the report may be made public.
      10. Further Investigations: If further investigations are advised, they may be conducted.
      11. Revisiting Cases: From time to time, a case may be revisited due to renewed interest, new evidence, or more research.
  7. Public Communications
    1. Only an officer of The Arcanorum shall issue public statements on behalf of The Arcanorum.
    2. These officers shall only include: President, Vice-President, (Chief) Executive Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  8. Possible Outcomes of an Investigation
    • There are only 3 possible outcomes of any investigation or case:
      1. The investigation was incomplete /. in progress / compromised.
      2. There was no evidence found of paranormal or anomalous activity.
      3. We can not rule out paranormal or anomalous activity.
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