We have a number of highly trained individuals at our disposal who can be assembled on short notice to investigate your report of a haunting in the area near southern New Hampshire, USA.

We are professional, clean, courteous, and will present an objective report with a separate section with our subjective findings possibly including data from tools such as pendulums, tarot cards, runes, ouija boards, and reports from our resident mediums, psychics, etc. As professionals, we make a clear distinction between subjective and objective reporting, basing our official findings on the objective data while using the subjective information much as a good detective uses “gut instinct” to help crack cases.

We only charge travel expenses if we must travel more than two hours to your location, though we gladly accept donations in the form of cash, equipment, or expendables. These include but are not limited to:

  • Batteries – Much of our equipment takes batteries. We will gladly accept fresh, new 9v, AA, AAA, C, and D cells. Must be new and in original, sealed packaging.  We prefer Duracell brand “Copper Top” batteries.  We routinely use more AA and AAA batteries than any other, closely followed be 9v.
  • Coffee – Because we work on your project after our day jobs, we can use the boost provided by this nectar.
  • Food – feeding us is a nice gesture, but by no means necessary.
  • Paper, pencils (wood), and other office supplies – Despite our high tech equipment, we rely most on notes we take by hand. We prefer simple, wooden pencils as there is less that can go wrong with them in the field.
  • Extra sensor equipment – digital thermometers, motion sensors, pressure and humidity sensors, etc. are not cheap and the more we have the more data we can work with.  We can also use digital data loggers, infrared capable still and video cameras.
  • New field equipment – Many an investigator’s dream is to have a quality thermal imaging camera. These cost upwards of $5,000.00 new. None of us can afford one yet. We’d be quite happy if you can help us out.

If you would like us to investigate your home or other location for evidence of haunting, please use the “contact” link above.  All donations are appreciated, but no donation nor purchase is mandatory for us to conduct local investigations.

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