So, you want to know more about us…

Literally, “arcanorum” is a Latin genitive plural possessive adjective meaning “of the secrets”.  Or something like that. The short answer was that “The Arcanum” wasn’t available. The Arcanorum as used here pertains to people who work on studying those things usually hidden – those things for which we do not currently have a good, scientific explanation.  In modern scientific terms, we call them anomalies.  More commonly these things are called paranormal or occult.  (Paranormal – that which is beside the normal.  Occult – that which is hidden. Thus, the Arcanorum studies the unknown.)

We are scientists, academics, artists, and explorers.  We are believers, skeptics, and non-believers.  We are religious, agnostics, and atheists.  We come from all walks of life, social classes, and educational backgrounds.

Our goal is the study and exploration of the occult, paranormal, and supernatural in a way that is sane and real.  We utilize both subjective and objective observations and analysis.

We are (very) loosely organized – in that we aren’t.  We are roughly based on the concept found in several fictitious groups.

As of right now, these are some ideas we are playing with:

  • We plan to set up a web based library of texts on various occult and paranormal topics.
  • We will be charging dues to our members to help pay for supplies and research.
  • As some of the information we will be archiving is of a secretive nature, not everything will be available to the general public.
  • We plan to also form a physical archive using the monies culled from membership dues.
  • A peer reviewed Journal might be in the works.
  • Eventually we would like to have a budget that would allow for travel expenses and grants to institutes of higher learning around the world.
  • We also plan to offer a secure way for members to exchange information with eachother.

All this and more is in the works…

If you are interested in joining us, please email librarian@arcanorum.org. All SPAM will be obliterated and the perpetrators prosecuted for harassment and anything else I can get them on.

The Arcanorum is also a way in which you can dispose of objects you think are haunted or cursed or other occult or magickal items you don’t want. (We are especially interested in old books!) We will house or dispose of the item in the proper manner as we see fit.

We have people well trained and experienced in occult lore who can make sure your item does not cause any more damage. We do NOT “cleanse” things and send them back. This is a ONE WAY process. We will destroy the object or do our own cleansing/shielding and house it in our private collection as we see fit. We cannot return anything you send us.

For more information, email our librarian to arrange a transfer. Usually this will entail you mailing the item to us plus a small disposal fee. Make sure to include as much detail about your problem as you can so we can come up with a suitable solution. After we have made a decision we will email you an address to send the item to (in the USA) and payment information via PayPal.

Now if you’re still reading after all that, The Arcanorum currently consists of your webmaster, Brian and his extensive network of contacts and friends with similar interests… This is just a personal project so far, with hopes and plans to make it into something more concrete. Most members of The Arcanorum don’t even know they are members. Therefore, you could say The Arcanorum is just another name for Brian’s friends and associates with interest in and knowledge of the paranormal. It sounds small and insignificant, but with over 20 years of experience, this is actuallt a fairly vast and extensive network including people Brian knows both offline and on. Because there are no other formalities, no dues, and all associations are secret or voluntarily admitted, The Arcanorum is pretty amazing. Populi Arcanorum – of or belonging to the peoples of the secrets.

Fome FAQs:

Do you do ghost hunts? Sometimes, but we prefer to do proper investigations.  We can put together a team of varying size depending on your needs.  Contact us for details.

What do you think of orbs? Optical effects of very small particulate or misty matter within the focal length of the camera lens.  Please do not send us pictures of them.  Next question?

How about Ouija Boards? Like pendulums, dowsing rods, mediums, and psychics, Ouija Boards and the like are tools which can be used to gather subjective evidence.  Thus, the evidence gathered is non-scientific, but sometimes proves useful nonetheless.  Like any tool, there are potentials for dangers and misuse.  In general, we do not use Ouija Boards on investigations.

Can you speak at my event? We can, but this isn’t what we do.  We are researchers and not very good at the entertainment side of things. There is no shortage of paranormal themed entertainers out there.  I’m sure you can find one to speak at your event.

Are ghosts real? Well, after countless reports over several thousand years, the answer would be yes, they are as real as gravity.  The problem is that they are anomalies and as such are exceedingly difficult to properly study.  But that’s why The Arcanorum exists.  We don’t know what ghosts are, but we’re working to try and find out.

How about demons? Maybe.  The demons of common, Judeo-Christian belief may or may not exist. Ask a theologian.  We’re scientists.  Certainly there is something to say for apparent malevolent activity that we cannot properly account for using normal explanations.  There is little evidence here and little of that holds up to any scrutiny.

How can I join Thje Arcanorum? There isn’t really a membership, per se.  The Arcanorum is a loose network of people, more of a descriptor than an organization.

Can I join the Arcanorum Research & Investigation Team then? Maybe.  Talk to us.

Would you like your own TV show? Only if it doesn’t compromise our integrity.  I (this site’s author) think that The Arcanorum would make an awesome TV show.  It could highlight fluid group dynamics, different research and personality styles among paranormal investigators, the real science behind what we do, expose the pseudoscience, and be an all around fun time.  Most of all, we might be able to bring some solid investigating to places where these anomalies might be stronger or more frequent than our own neighborhoods.  This could be a solid contribution to the field.  Alas, we don’t run screaming at every bump in the night and we don’t fake evidence.  We aren’t a dynamic duo and we aren’t a cult of personality.  The studios would never go for it.

If you have other questions, please fell free to send them to us in an email to librarian at arcanorum dot org.  Thanks!

The Arcanorum is listed at Hauntin.gs (The Paranormal Social Network)

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