As a follow-on to our last post, The Arcanorum is considering a paid ad sponsorship program.

Modern, scientific, paranormal investigation techniques often require tools and equipment which can cost a lot of money.  You may have seen some of these in use on your favorite television programs.  Even without the high end scientific recording devices, we still go through gobs and gobs of batteries and spend much of our own money on cameras and digital audio recorders, not to mention the time we spend reviewing the evidence we gather nor the transportation costs involved in getting to and from the locations we investigate.

What we need:

  • Digital Video Recorder – This is a device usually used in security services to monitor several cameras at once.  It is a box where cameras plug in and which records the video digitally, on a hard drive for later analysis.  We need one of these with a monitor.  Estimated cost: $700 plus shipping for an 8-camera system with night vision and 60 foot cables.  We would prefer longer extension cables ($41+S&H for 4 60ft cables) to add to this system.  It does not include a monitor.
  • Van or box truck to serve as mobile communications hub. (Must include a quiet AC power generator or AC power inverter.)
  • Head-mounted IR cameras for each investigator with portable recorders. (We prefer 5 investigators per case.)
  • Portable backup hard drives to store case evidence.
  • Laptop computers for evidence review.
  • Professional, Three-Axis EMF meters
  • Data logging environmental sensors
  • Flashlights
  • Handheld 2-way Radios
  • Batteries for all portable equipment.

Of course, some of these items are not feasible without help.

We are therefore, considering corporate sponsorship.  This would require that we give something back to our sponsors.  Here is what we are willing to offor our potential corporate sponsors:

  • Banner Advertising on The Arcanorum website. (We have several options here. )
  • Product Reviews (We will only give our professional opinion, so be careful if this is what you want.)
  • Ad Placement on our van (when we get one – see above)
  • Embedded ads in our videos (referring to branded products by name, wearing corporate logo shirts & hats, product logos visible in video, etc.)
  • Direct voice-over ads in videos (“This video/investigation is sponsored by…”)
  • Official product endorsements (We can supply video footage of our people making endorsements.)

In order to keep our investigative results from bias, we will not:

  • Endorse or use any product we cannot actually recommend, no matter how much you pay us.
  • Accept advertisements which might reflect negatively on our professionalism.
  • Accept payment to skew or change the results of any investigation, report, or experiment.

We will consider all other requests, including syndication for books, movies, television, periodicals, etc.

If you would like to sponsor us, please use the contact form here and let us know what you would like and what you are offering.  We would be happy to accept product samples (even on loan in the case of expensive things like thermal imaging systems).  Cash is always an option.

Edit: We also welcome private and anonymous sponsorships.

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