Money and Investigations

The Arcanorum does not charge money for our investigations. If we need to spend a long time somewhere or if we need to travel more than about an hour, we will ask for our expenses to be covered, but that’s it.  We do spend a considerable amount of time and money in our endeavors and it all comes from our own pockets.  We buy our own equipment, batteries, gas, etc.  If people would like to donate, we’re happy to accept donations.  We believe that if we required payment for our services, it might bias our findings.

The flip side of not charging for investigations, is that we do not pay to investigate.  Those investigations which charge money are not investigations, but commercial tours.  If you want to pay to meet investigators, tour allegedly haunted locations, hobnob with famous people, etc. go for it.  That sort of event can be a lot of fun and we can point you in the right direction for them.  As professional researchers, we do not see the scientific benefit in these outings.

It simply makes more sense for investigators to charge money to report on alleged paranormal activity than it does for us to pay to do so.  We provide a service.  We hope the result has some value.  Paying to do this service makes no sense.  Paying to be entertained makes sense.  We are here to study, not to be entertained.

It makes sense for an allegedly haunted location, especially a famous one, to hold tours.  We do wish a clearer distinction would be made though, between entertainment and scientific investigation.

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