Entity Sensor Pro – A First Look

I think I’m the first person to post an independent review of this new app.  Scott at Krugism Development just let me know the Pro version of his Entity Sensor was released today.  As promised I’ve snagged a copy.  The Pro version incorporates a couple suggestions I sent him a while back, and so I was eager to test it out.

Entity Sensor is a basic 3-axis Electromagnetic Field meter for the Android phones.  What makes it unique in Android EMF apps is the ability to “Zero” the scale so you can see any changes more easily.  It’s pretty nifty, but for what it is, I can’t see paying the $4.99 price.  I did like the concept though, so I emailed the developer basically saying that if he made it significantly more useful than the other apps out there, I’d be happy to pay more for it.  I suggested adding a data logging function and he agreed, saying that such a bonus was in the works for a Pro version.  We emailed back and forth a couple times and he has taken my suggestions to heart and implemented them into this first version of Entity Sensor Pro.

For the Pro version, the data logger makes all the difference.  When you begin to record data, the app saves a CVS file to the SD card for later analysis.  What’s more, is that there is a voice note function where you can notate your readings… or for ghost investigations, you can conduct an EVP session.  The CSV file notes the beginning and end of each sound file it records, thus giving you the ability to correlate the EMF readings with any audio evidence.

This is brilliant.  No more trying to position a camera to watch the EMF meter.  Even better, you get BOTH the visual indicator of the light bar AND the solid recording of the exact miligauss or mictoTesla readings in 3-axis format.  The CSV file records the readings and the start and stop times of your audio recordings.

I’ve only had a few minutes so far to test it but it works quite well so far.  The EMF meter is VERY sensitive to any changes.  Really.  On an investigation, put your phone on a flat surface and zero it out before recording anything.  You probably don’t want to be moving it around while recording either.  It’s THAT sensitive.

I’ll be testing it out more soon and posting the results and a more thorough set of usage instructions soon.  Bookmark http://www.arcanorum.org and stay tuned for more info!

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