Free EMF Detector!

Looking through the stats for this site, I am surprised to see that one of the most searched for terms is “cheap emf”… which brings those searching to my article about an almost EMF detector you can find at any hardware store or department and indeed, I got mine at Walmart.

But times have changed and there’s a new toy in town!

Enter: The Smart Phone.

If you already have an iPhone3G or an Android based phone, you already have an EMF meter.

If you’re using an Apple iPhone, check out the Paranormal State branded EMF meter from Moderati. (Warning though – many are saying it’s fake.) There is another one for $0.99 and another one that is free.

If you have an Android, you can download the Free EMF Meter or Krugism’s $4.99 Entity Sensor/EMF Detector.  (Scott at is well known for his excellent support and customer relations.) The Android platform has built-in 3-axis EMF sensors.  There are numerous (free and paid) apps you can use to see the result, including a nifty Tricorder app for you Star Trek fans.There are even some that graph all three axes and save all your sensor data to a spreadsheet on your microSD card.

So there you have it, folks.  Cheap EMF.  Even available in Walmart’s cell phone department included free with your Android or Apple smart phone.

Personally, I own an Android and currently use the Free EMF Meter.  I’m keeping a close eye on Krugism’s Entity Sensor though, as I’ve put in some feature requests and as soon as his app has enough to make it significantly better than the free one, I’ll be throwing some cash his way.

As always, The Arcanorum is happy to test and review any gadgets and gizmos you want to send us.  We will give an honest and informative review.  If possible, all we ask for is to keep the gadget if we like it and/or at least get a link back to the site.  Each review is negotiated seperately, so it never hurts to contact us.

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