Arcanorum News!

You’ve probably noticed the redesign of the web site.  We hope you like it.

But you may not have noticed some other news that you may like:

  • New Forums! That’s right.  The Arcanorum web site is going interactive!  After over a decade online, we’re finally opening up to try and form more of a community with you, our visitors.  So please, feel free to sign up, log in, and jump into the fray!
  • New Investigation Team! As of Tuesday evening, October 27, 2010, The Arcanorum finally began work to put together a formal investigation team.  With experienced people around the neighborhood of Nashua, NH, we finally got off our collective duffs and did something.  Expect more people from the team posting here and a lively discussion over in the Forums.I have tried to put the team together out of a broad mix of people.  We have our skeptics, religious experts (multiple religions), sensitives, scientists, and more! In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be introducing some of them… or some of them may be introducing themselves.
  • New Case Database! For the use of our team, I have installed a reporting database.  Now we will be able to track cases from start to finish and publish some really snazzy reports both for the public as well as for our clients.
  • New Procedures! At our meeting we discussed some new investigation procedures.  One of these will be something COMPLETELY NEW to the Paranormal Community.  Stay tuned and find out!
  • Funding! We’re going to put the “fun” back into funding by offering you special incentives to help us do what we do.  Investigations and gear can get quite costly, and we’d like to be able to afford the good equipment.  At the same time, we do not want to charge money for people genuinely looking for help understanding weird things around them.  So… We’ve decided to try out a few incentives to get those of you who enjoy reading about this sort of thing in on the action.  More details as we have them.

So sign up, log in, and join in the fun!

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