Strange Dreams?

There are people all over the Northeastern US who have been involved in the occult community who have been reporting that their dreams are more frequently “strange” and “prophetic” feeling.  Is there something coming?  Is it the stress of the economic downturn?  Sun spot activity?

Many of the reported dreams have to do with apocalyptic themes.  Some have time frames involved – and they don’t point to 2012, but in the next few years following.  They don’t point to President Obama as the cause but rather his successor.  I’m hearing of dreams of religious prosecution from Christians and Pagans alike – about cities in lockdown and people starving in the countryside.

While apocalyptic dreams that feel prophetic are nothing new (I’ve been collecting reports since the mid 1990’s, but heard about them since they were easy to explain in the 1980’s as Cold War paranoia….), the frequency of which I’ve been getting reports has gotten my attention.  Most of those I know do not know each other and those who do rarely know of eachothers’ dreams.  From colleagues I’ve spoken to in the last year, this has been escalating for the last 10 years or so,  but I’m seeing more reports in the last few months than I should.

Have you had strange dreams picking up in frequency lately?  Do you have any theory on the causes?  Please comment.

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