Have Gear, Ready to Roll…

I’ve recently re-purposed a couple video cameras and a wireless router to add to my investigation gear.  At this point, I’ve probably got more stuff than most investigators not signed to a television deal, and I know how to use it all.  Coupled with 25 years of experience investigating a wide array of paranormal phenomena, and I think I’m in a good position now to go gather data!

So with that and the severe inactivity of the group I usually work with, I figured I’d mention that I am available to work as a guest investigator for any group in the southern NH area.  If you’d be interested in having me along, I can offer a “true skeptic” viewpoint as well as several methods of gathering data and analyzing it.  I’ve got two wireless security cameras (one remotely adjustable and another IR illuminated) which can capture video and detect motion.  I’m not famous and adding my name to your roster won’t get you screaming fans, but it will get you someone with serious experience and a level head.

If you might be interested, please email me at brian at arcanorum dot org and let me know what you’re looking for, when, and where.

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