First thoughts on “Extreme Paranormal”

“There’s no electromagnetic force for miles”

Sure, buddy.  And your camera and lights operate on what?  Ether waves and pixie dust??

I have finished watching the first episode.  It was horrible.  The Scooby-doo antics, jumping at everything, misuse of equipment, unprofessional attitude, and yes, even incorrect occult references, were enough for me to decide this show jumped the shark in the first 10 minutes.  I forced myself to watch it through to the end and it was every bit as bad as the review in the previous post made it out to be and more.

They talked about “the four names of god” – huh?  I’ve heard of the 72 names but four?  The “Tree of Death” rune is a fabrication.  While there is a rune so shaped, which has been translated as “grave”, in 25+ years of occult study, I know of no relation to any “Tree of Death”.

What’s up with the thermal cam footage of the flames?  Of course it’s going to show up on thermal… DUH!  If you’re holding a conversation while listening to a parabolic mic, you’re either deaf or you’re doing something wrong.  I suspect the latter.  Even if it’s the kind that blocks loud sounds while amplifying fainter ones, you’d still be using it wrong.

These guys are lame, pathetic, and dangerous.  Their destruction of property in the prison alone should be a sign they don’t know what they’re doing.

They remind me of a bunch of prepubescent kids who have seen one too many movies and were handed a bunch of high tech equipment to play with.  Shame on A&E for even considering this as a show.  It is a disgrace to the paranormal community.

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