News from The Arcanorum

First off, I’d like to let you all know that The Arcanorum may be getting more active in the world of paranormal investigations soon.  While members of The Arcanorum generally work alone or with other groups rather than as a group themselves, it seems some of these outside groups are less than idea, and so, it may be that The Arcanorum might develop its own research wing.  Expect more info on this coming soon.

Second, it is about that time of year again, with ookie-spookie stories in every newspaper and web site.  The Arcanorum will try to stay away from the cheeziness of it all… but there are many traditions that count that time of year as one of extra paranormal activity, so we will be watching.

Third, we have a new banner if you’d like to link to us on your web site:

The Arcanorum
The Arcanorum

Here’s the code you can copy:

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