Michigan Dog-Man

I recently stumbled upon the controversial videos floating around the ‘net about the “Michigan Dog-Man”.

The video was released under Creative Commons License from http://www.michigan-dogman.com/

So, in the interest of adding fuel to the fire, I’ll post my opinions of it.

In short:  I say it’s a fake.  Here’s what I see:

The creature looks to me to be a large ape-like animal, possibly a gorilla or chimpanzee. I’m leaning towards silverback gorilla.

Our cryptid first clearly appears a little after 3 minutes and 8 seconds  into the Quicktime version and goes out of frame at about 3:17.

3:08.054 Cut scene to creature.
3:08.621 Camera jitters and creature leaves frame.
3:08.955 Creature re-enters frame for about 2 frames.  More camera shake.
3:09.689 “Money shot” begins

Here, people are saying that it looks like a man-like beast transforms into a cat- or dog-like beast.  What it looks like to me is a curious camera angle mixed with it being out of focus. Still looks like a great ape to me.  Some have suggested that the feet are digitigrade but in my opinion, this is an illusion of the sunlight reflecting off shiny black fur.  The same goes for the supposed tail which to me looks like the reflection angle allows the top of the buttox to continue to look black while the shine from the nearer part (to the camera) and lower back appear to fade into the background greys.  The bounding from the front for only one stride coupled with the shine on the fur makes this very difficult to make out and makes mistakes easy.

3:16.362 “Money shot” ends.
More shakes…
3:23.903 Cut to canine mouth shots.  Notable color change.
3:24.237 Light reflections suggest close-up light source.
3:24.370 Hard cut to black.
3:24.737 Camera image returns, shakes and ends on its side in the grass.
3:29.876 Film ends. (cut to black)
3:31.477 Quicktime movie ends.

So much for the wolf-man transformation.  I really would have liked to see such a thing.

And what brought it to my attention this time was the release of a second video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvFYnkyY5tU

First, the account was just set up on July 15.  Second, no further info.  Third, the shorrt circumstances of the film’s provenance.  Then there’s the unrealistic police officer and even less realistic half body.  Anyone ever seen a real dead body?  This was just too clean not to be staged.


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