Ghost Hunting Gear Product Reviews

Do you make a device for use by paranormal investigators and/or ghost hunters?

If so awesome!  The Arcanorum would love to review it!

Here’s what we’d like to do for you:  If you send us a product sample, a member of The Arcanorum will test your product in our lab as well as on a “dry run” investigation in the field.  The “dry run” will be a field test at a local southern NH location known for numerous reports of paranormal activity.  We will not conduct a full investigation, but we will take your product out to a KNOWN location and test it there.  We will then post a detailed report right here on telling the whole world all about it!  We’ll definitely include pictures of the device in use and possibly videos.

The potential drawbacks:  First, if you’d like the test device returned to you, you will need to provide return shipping and possibly packaging if the original packaging can’t be reused.  Otherwise, we’ll either add it to our arsenal of gear that we use (on-going publicity for you!) or auction it off in a contest or eBay auction, the proceeds going to help support our research.  Second, we WILL GIVE OUR HONEST OPINION on your product.  the Arcanorum prides itself on being as un-biased and scientific as we can be, so this is not just a promotional plug, but a real product review by an experienced researcher.

If you’re interested in having The Arcanorum review your product, let us know via our contact page and we’ll send you a mailing address.  The review will be posted within 2 weeks of when we receive your product.  If you include return shipping, we’ll get it in the mail (or UPS) within 48 hours of the posting of the review.

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