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The title here refers to this: http://scifake.com/?p=914

The equipment I use, I know how to use properly and I use it to rule out explainable things while trying to learn more about those I cannot explain.

In talking with a fellow investigator from P.E.A.S.E. this evening, we touched upon the idea of paying to investigate.

While we could both see the point from the point of view of someone owning a purportedly haunted location, neither one of us felt all that comfortable paying.  Charging?  Ok.  It’s your home or business or whatever.  These are hard times, and if you need the money, you’re perfectly free to charge people to come on to your property for whatever reason you want to allow.  As seasoned investigators, though, we don’t feel right being your customers.

So I wonder, who goes to these things?  And the answer I keep returning to the idea that those who pay for these events are new to the field or are looking to be entertained.  I’m in search of answers, not entertainment.  I have no compunction to bump elbows with stars, psychic or not.  I’ve met stars, paranormal and otherwise and their fame means nothing to me.  Their skills, knowledge, and personality – those I admire, but fame?  Who cares?  I’m certainly not paying to participate in an investigation, no matter who I’ll be working with.  I invest enough of my time, energy, and frankly, money into my investigations, that paying on top of all that is pretty much out of the question.  In one case a team I was working with was expected to investigate a location, but the date was not determined… and then a more commercial “investigation” was done in the place.  I can’t wait to see what we find… and report back to you all my results.

As for expensive equipment, yes, I own an EMF meter a couple digital cameras,, a really good sound recorder, and a slew of flashlights.  I neither own nor really want a K2 meter.  It’s nothing more than a conveniently designed EMF meter with an LED readout.  My $30 Cell Sensor works just fine, thanks.  It’s also got a readable level meter where I can see the EMF strength in miligauss.  Half the investigators out there couldn’t tell you the difference between a miligauss and a nanotesla, let alone use their EMF meter or IR thermometer correctly.  If they’re buying $7-9000 thermal imaging systems, I have no reason to believe they’ll use them any better.  None of these things are “ghost detectors” yet each has its place in an investigation.  Yes, even the IR thermometer.

Why investigate ghosts when they have never been scientifically proven? Because they’re there.  And because we know almost nothing about what they are, their properties, origins, etc.  Reports of ghosts have come from all cultures in all times through history.  Whether they are really spirits of the departed or figments of our imaginations, they do exist and deserve study.  Even in a recession.

(tip of the hat to @GhostHunterBlog)

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