New Toy – Sound Recorder

I just got a new toy for investigations: a professional sound recorder.

This thing is amazing.  I’m still in awe as to the sensitivity and relative ease of use.

It’s an “American Audio Pocket Record” which I got from Music123 here:

These are on sale for $99 with free shipping. ($199 MSRP) Yes, they are not cheap… but OMG…

I began recording with the internal microphones and from about 4 feet I could *clearly* hear a VERY quiet whisper.  It came with 2 lapel mics, headphones, USB cable, and AAA batteries.  It is much larger than the audio recorders PEASE and TAPS usually use.  This thing is a low end Pro Audio quality recorder meant for bands and it shows.  There are 128 MB of internal storage and an SD card slot.  The machine saves as 44KHz MP3 files by default, but can be set to save as WAV in 8k-44k sampling rates.  It boasts a 5 hour battery life in record mode and a 6 hour playback life. It also comes with a line out and separate headphone jack.

I opened an MP3 file in Audacity and it worked first try with no hassles, no software to install, no drivers needed, etc.
I can’t wait to try and get some EVPs with this thing.

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