Some Ideas About Money…

First of all, neither I nor The Arcanorum charge for investigations. We consider these to be scientific research and requiring money from people reaching out for help would not be ethical.

That said, we do sometimes ask for money for some other things.

We do accept donations, but will NOT refuse to do any investigation because of a lack of a donation. If we need to travel more than two hours drive, we will ask that you cover some of our travel expenses. We think this is reasonable. All our investigations do involve us spending our own, out of pocket money. We insist on using only fresh batteries in some of our equipment and we do get picky about certain brands. The move to digital photography and audio recorders has reduced our costs, but the batteries are still needed. We also need to get to and from an investigation and usually we will stop on the way for snacks. The equipment we use can get pretty expensive and as always, we use our own money for this. We all have our “day jobs” to pay these expenses, so we do not require clients to cover them. If anyone, client or not, wishes to help us out we generally won’t refuse your help.

From time to time, we may offer promotional items on this web site or as an affiliate to other sites. The proceeds from any of these purchases will go to a general research fund to help reimburse the costs of equipment and expendables. Again, no purchase is necessary, though every one helps. You can purchase items through The Curio Shop to help us out. You can also make direct donations through PayPal to

One unique service The Arcanorum has offered from its inception is the disposal of “cursed” or unwanted objects with some connection to the occult or paranormal. This service is NOT a scientific investigation. It does often involve time, labor, and materials and as such, we have a sliding scale that we charge to people depending on a number of factors. We will always keep it reasonable. As an example, disposing of large furniture might require that we hire a moving truck. Disposal of large stone or metal objects might likewise require extra expenses. For smaller items like trinkets, clothing, etc., we will likely only ask for a fee to make it worth our time, usually around $20 to cover local travel and a meal. What we do with the items is our choice. We may destroy them outright. We may make attempts to render them “safe”. We may place them in a safer location. We may use them for further research. We may even simply place them on a shelf as mementos. What we do is our choice. If you want something gone from your life or home, we can take it off your hands. We do not accept items what would be illegal to own or possess. We do not accept any modern firearms or hazardous materials, or explosives. In short, if you can’t legally send it through the US Postal Service without special licenses, we will not accept it. Otherwise, we can handle it, no matter how haunted or cursed it may be.

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