Paranormal Researcher Available for Investigations

First there was PEASE and now I find another local group I’ve never heard of: the “Nocturnal Society of Paranormal Research and Investigations“.

The former includes several people I know and the latter claims to have been around since 1989 and I’ve never heard of them till this article in the Nashua Telegraph mentioned them. I hadn’t heard of either of them until a few weeks ago.

For the record in case anyone is interested and doesn’t know already: I’ve been doing paranormal investigations since I was in Junior High back in the mid 1980’s. I have a rather extensive background of experience and techniques in the field, and I run a tightly objective protocol for any formal investigations. I am what I call a “true skeptic” in that I’m not out to prove nor disprove anything, but rather take evidence and objectively evaluate it. Online I’m known as being either the “wet blanket” or the “voice of reason” depending on who you ask. I have experienced many things that currently accepted scientific theories are at a loss to explain. My “beliefs” follow the majority of evidence and observations I have experienced, and as such I believe in ghosts as much as I believe in gravity. I can’t explain either one, but I have plenty of experience telling me they exist.

I also have some background in the methods of what the Brits call “conjuring”, and knowledge of photographic and audio analysis as it pertains to the paranormal.

My investigative process ends with one of four possible conclusions:

  1. I found no evidence of paranormal activity.
  2. I can not rule out paranormal activity.
  3. The investigation was inconclusive.
  4. The investigation was incomplete.

I have a few ideas I’m working into theories that can be experimentally tested (most are not my original ideas, but I do want to test them). These include “DEVA vs. Orbs“, negative architectural space (from the now 404 “Haunted House Architectural Research Project”), research into infrasound, and air ionization.

I’m also (slowly) working on a handbook for scientifically based paranormal research.

I keep abreast of current scientific research and theories and some of the recent stuff is quite fascinating.

If you know of anyone who needs another investigator, I am generally available and can supply my own equipment including specialized things such as cameras (film, digital, digital movie, and IR web cam with illumination and motion sensing), audio recording equipment (analog tape and portable digital), computer analysis hardware and software, Gauss meter, GSR and temperature biofeedback. I also have a non-contact thermometer if needed but find their real use somewhat limited. I only wish I could afford thermal imaging and night vision camera attachments.

So yeah. Paranormal investigator here, ready to go to work. I don’t charge money, but do appreciate donations of travel expenses if I need to go over an hour away, food, caffeine, film, audio tape, and batteries. Results may be published, and names and other identifying details can be withheld upon request.

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